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The Positive Painting Project

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What is The Positive Painting Project?

The Positive Painting Project is a community-based organization that uses visual art to promote positive mental health and suicide prevention. We believe that art can be a powerful tool for healing and connection, and we are committed to providing opportunities for people of all ages to create and share their own art.

What is the Purpose?

Our mission is to:

  • Provide opportunities for people to create art that expresses their positive thoughts and feelings.

  • Promote positive mental health and suicide prevention through art education and outreach.

  • Break the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide.

Why is this Important?

Isolation and loneliness are some of the most difficult parts of mental illness. You don’t have to feel that way. You are not alone!

We want everyone to understand that 

It’s Ok to Not be Ok and it’s important to talk about it!

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Sharing your mental health struggles with someone tells that person they can share with you too!

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Inspired by Katie Whysong
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