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WORKING with local artists to provide financial support for visual art enrichment opportunities for local kids

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Abstract Gradient

Our Mission

Becoming a teen is an especially challenging time for many students, and Katie was no exception. She used art as an outlet to express her feelings and share beauty with the world.  We want to honor her memory by providing opportunities for everyone to do the same. 


With the mission of encouraging art as personal expression and a creative outlet, the Katie Whysong Scholarship for the Arts provides funding for local students who may not otherwise be able to access art enrichment and education. In partnership with local artists and studios, we are providing tuition for space in an art class for students in need. Our goal is to expand the program to allow even more students to work with local artists and share in the vision of “Art for Everyone.” 

To further support the goal of “Art for Everyone”, our partnership with The Positive Painting Project allows our entire community to help create beautiful messages that will inspire and encourage our students, friends, and neighbors.  

Please join us in this endeavor!

Image by Dana DeVolk
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