Todd and Alisa Whysong

Todd and Alisa lost their daughter Katie to depression  in march, 2021.  Katie had a vision That people with mental health struggles should know that they are not alone and to not be afraid to ask for help. Todd and alisa want to honor her memory by making her vision a reality.

mackenzie pic.jpg

 Mackenzie Seymour

Mackenzie is also an art teacher and super talented local artist.  She designed the messages we screen print and, with chloe, has been an ever present support throughout.


Nanci Goldberg

Nanci is an amazing local artist, business owner and teacher, She knew and loved katie as a student at DMS.  She discussed such a project with katie years ago. She jumped in and immediately helped us put together a talented team. 


Allison and Joyce

Etna Print Circus
Allison and Joyce provided the expertise and knowledge to create the final products,  sell t-shirts (Allison's idea) and created beautiful renderings of Mackenzie's art.

etna print circus.jpg