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Artists, We Need Your Help!

The goal of  The Positive Painting Project is to use visual art to help de-stigmatize how we talk about mental health, to encourage those who are struggling to ask for help, and to remind people to check-in on their friends who may be feeling down.

We are part of a global movement aimed at ending suicide and the stigma surrounding mental health

— especially with our youth.

As a nonprofit, The Positive Painting Project functions entirely on donations. Therefore we are asking for YOUR help, as a prominent local artist, to create and donate an art piece to us.

We will then screen-print one of our six messages of hope (shown below) onto your piece.


Your artwork with the printed message will then be displayed online.


People will have the opportunity to purchase the displayed pieces, with proceeds going to The Positive Painting Project and

The Katie Whysong Scholarship for the Arts, to use for our operating fund.
After the showing, any remaining artwork will be donated to a local school

or community space for viewing.

Sketch Arrow 2


We provide you a 12" x 16" canvas board/panel  (example)

All canvas boards/panels can be picked up at Ketchup City Creative before November 6, 2023 during any event: KCC Schedule - or - you may use one of your own (please no stretched canvases, though - they don't screen print as well).


You create a background for one of the following messages of hope:

  • It's Ok to Not be Ok

  • Never Ever Give Up

  • No Feeling is Final

  • You Matter

  • You Are Not Alone

  • Hold On to Hope

Please Sign Up Here!


  • Part of your work will be obscured by the heart-shaped message.

  • Please do NOT use oil-based paint as it bleeds into the screen-print. Acrylic paint works best.

  • Dark colors or tempura, chunky textures do not screen print well since we use black ink for the messages.

  • You may choose which of the six messages you would like on your piece and where to position it (or let us decide).

  • We need your art piece by: Saturday, November 11th.

  • We will then screen-print the message onto your canvas on Monday, November 13th (volunteers welcome).

  • Your finished work will be framed, displayed, then sold online one week later.

Proceeds from the sale of your art will benefit The Positive Painting Project and

The Katie Whysong Scholarship for the Arts


Thank you for considering this cause!

You Matter!

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